At AIS, QlikView is the software of choice to build our business intelligence solutions.

QlikView is the most flexible Business Intelligence platform for turning data into knowledge. More than 24,000 organizations worldwide have enabled their users to easily consolidate, search, and visually analyze all their data for unprecedented business insight using QlikView’s simplicity.

QlikView is an innovative business intelligence solution that combines enterprise-class analytics with the simplicity and ease of use found in office productivity software tools. It is designed to enable business users in organizations of all sizes to make faster and better decisions.

QlikView enables you to understand your business in brand new ways by:

Consolidating relevant data from multiple sources into a single application
Exploring the associations in your data
Enabling social decision making through secure, real-time collaboration
Visualising data with engaging, state-of-the-art graphics
Searching across all data—directly and indirectly
Interacting with dynamic apps, dashboards and analytics
Accessing, analysing and capturing data from mobile devices



Introducing the QlikView Business Discovery Platform

The QlikView Business Discovery platform delivers true self-service BI that empowers business users by driving innovative decision-making.

Sample the power of QlikView now!

Try our demos below, and you will see how you can utilize QlikView for your IT data discovery. Choose any industry and see how qlikview can vastly improve your decision making process.

Getting Started
Getting Started
Retail Banking Sales & Customer Targeting
Retail Banking Sales & Customer Targeting
Retail Store Performance
Retail Store Performance
Human Resources
Human Resources
University Admissions
University Admissions
Insurance Demo
Insurance Demo
Traditional BI vs. The QlikView Way
Business Discovery: Innovation Is No Accident

The software works the way the human mind works meaning there are no predefined search paths, all data is presented in real-time. There is also an associative experience that makes business discovery easier. Executives, managers and decision makers in the organization no longer have to rely on the IT department every time they are looking for answers from the company’s data. This is self-service Business Intelligence designed specifically to meet the needs of an industry.

QlikView Server License Pricing
Enterprise Edition Server $35,000 per server
Small Business Edition Server
(Limited version for small business usage)
$8,400 per server
QlikView Client License Pricing
Personal Edition (individual use only) Free
Named User License $1,350 per named user
Document License1 $350 per named user, per document
Maintenance and Support (Pricing per Annum)
Standard Support 20% of list price

For a more detailed list of products and pricing please click on the link:

  1. Business Discovery – Powerful, User-Driven BI

    Overview of QlikView’s Business Discovery approach focusing on empowering end users to explore and exploit data without limits.

  2. What Makes QlikView Unique

    This white paper is for information workers and business and technology decision makers who want to understand what makes QlikView unique.

    Learn about the benefits of an information workforce being empowered to ask and answer the next question on their own, without having to ask a BI or IT specialist for help. Empowering information workers to derive insights from data helps organizations to streamline, simplify, and optimize decision making.

  3. What is New in QlikView 11

    See how QlikView 11 takes Business Discovery to a whole new level by enabling users to more easily share information with coworkers, supporting larger enterprise deployments through improved manageability, and delivering an enhanced mobile experience.