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Working exclusively as a QlikView Partner, AIS is focused on delivering solutions and services on the market-leading QlikView Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA) platform. We have a proven track record of enterprise-wide project implementation experience with our clients.

QlikView is an affordable, easy-to-use Business Intelligence tool that enables organizations to explore large data sets, identify trends and make new discoveries that drive innovative decision-making.

AIS combines the power and flexibility of the QlikView technology with our expertise in data warehousing, business analytics and industry specific competencies to assist organizations in transforming their data into actionable business intelligence.

At AIS, we are focused on building strategic long term relationships with our clients. Our offerings from software licensing, implementation services, industry specific solutions, application support and training are designed to provide end-to-end support to clients embarking on business analytics and business intelligence initiatives.

AIS is an authorized reseller for QlikView in Malaysia. QlikView offers a flexible licensing model that can be adapted to your business needs.

The types of licenses that you require for your organization are determined not only by the number of users but also by the manner of usage, frequency of access.

We help you configure the right mix of QlikView licences that will fit your immediate requirements and can be scaled upwards as your use of the solution expands. Our commitment is to recommend a licensing solution that is in your best interest.

To learn more about QlikView pricing and types of licenses available, please contact us at: inquiry@aintelligence.net

Combining the extensive experience and capabilities of our team of domain experts, AIS has created focused industry solutions using the QlikView’s BI platform. These solutions are formulated for specific industries and are built around KPIs that are critical for their business.

Our industry solutions are designed to help your organization accelerate the time it takes to deploy BI solutions, mitigate risk and achieve your business performance goals.


The insurance industry faces mounting challenges in increased competition, ongoing macroeconomic uncertainty, strict regulatory scrutiny, increased fraud, demanding customer base, attracting and retaining customers.

To overcome the challenges and gain strategic advantage, insurance companies need real-time analytical tools to manage risks, analyze emerging trends, maintain regulatory compliance and serve their customers better.

AIS has developed the Q-Insurance as a pre-packaged solutions or kit that meets insurance companies need for business intelligence, allowing them to take action.

Leveraging on AIS’s industry expert knowledge in the insurance domain, the Q-Insurance is built based on the KPIs that drive the insurance business. It contains the key metrics and dimensions of channel performance, claims processing, underwriting and sales growth that helps decision makers zero-in on the operational inefficiencies and move the organization towards high performance.

Q-Insurance is a pre-packaged kit that helps you jump start your insurance analytics implementation. It is designed to be modular and highly scalable to enable implementation of the modules in phases according to the priority for information. This in turn facilitates fast rollouts and early returns on investment.

Whilst the Q-Insurance is pre-packed with KPIs and metrics for quick implementation, the modules are easily customized according to your requirements.

Our insurance clients now have a cost-effective and easy-to-implement solution encompassing all the elements needed to support better decision making and achieve high performance.

Q-Insurance comprises the following modules;

  • Management Dashboard
  • Underwriting/Policy Analytics
  • Claim Analytics
  • Agency Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Product Analytics
  • Marketing Campaign Analytics
  • Finance Analytics


Hotel owners, Hotel operators and senior hotel managers frequently face challenges in making business decisions to improve the hotel property’s productivity, profitability and liquidity.

This is largely because the hotel’s systems such as the central reservations, point-of-sale and property management are transactional in nature and not designed to provide insightful hotel reporting, analytics and intelligence.

At AIS, we have developed the Q-Hospitality to provide hotel executives the valuable insight they need to make fact-based business decisions that will ultimately bring about overall performance improvement for the hotel property.

Q-Hospitality provides a consolidated and consistent view of the hospitality key performance indicators which includes breakeven occupancy, efficiency in management of working capital, pricing yield on rooms and F&B, customers’ satisfaction rating, employee turnover, benchmarking of occupancy and ARR with competitors, and much more.

With easy to navigate dashboards and comprehensive analysis tools, it helps you analyze trends and ratios of revenues and expenses which is beneficial for resource planning and financial budgeting.

Benefits of using Q-Hospitality

  • Have better insights into the management and operation of the hotel property for further improvement in productivity, profitability and liquidity.
  • Make better business decisions.
  • See new business discovery.

Turn to Q-Hospitality to help you plan, monitor and act with improved insights to maximize revenue, reduce costs, and gain competitive advantage.


Anti-Money Laundering

Money laundering has always been on top of Bank Negara Malaysia’s (BNM) agenda. Various parameters have been set for Financial Institutions (FI) for compliance; more notably for “knowing your customer first” policy and for early detection of suspicious account in order for FI to address the perpetrators and to minimise the losses.

At AIS, we have a ready- made solution to address the later at a much more granular level where early detection is the key to curb further financial losses and effectively manage the reputational risk of any FI.

Most financial institutions spend numerous hours and costly human resources to prepare timely and accurate reporting to BNM. With ready reports that comply with the BNM reporting, our Q-Banking, Anti Money Laundering (AML) solution is a cost effective solution that can be implemented quickly.

The module comes with dashboard reporting tools that enable you to zero in to KPIs that indicate areas where immediate action is required to address the issue. Amongst the KPIs included in the AML solution are; High Number of Transaction, High Transaction Value and Transaction Cash Threshold just to name a few.

The key KPIs are accessible through any handheld devices and there is a corroborative mode where instant enquiry can be made through the system when an abnormality is detected.

These are parameters that can be predefined upfront by user and easily be modified from time-to-time according to changing trends.

Please contact us at inquiry@aintelligence.net to find out how we can help you.

AIS’s development and implementation team is comprised of skilled BI professionals. Drawing on years of experience working with various BI software platforms across multiple industries, we bring our collective knowledge and skills to help your organization execute a winning BI strategy.

Our team of subject matter experts and technology professionals will help you to bring structure to the data in your organization and turn it into actionable insights for decision making.

Working on QlikView implementation projects across multiple industries has equipped our team with extensive knowledge in the functionalities, data model and visualization methods. Using the QlikView BI platform, we help you create meaningful analytics and visual representations of your data to enable the users in your organization to access and view key information effectively.

Whether you require a simple dashboard or complex ‘what-if’ scenarios and highly configurable and dynamic solutions that allow you to slice and dice your data, you can be assured of getting the best possible solution for your business in a time efficient and cost effective manner when you engage us.

Please contact us at inquiry@aintelligence.net to find out how we can help you.

Application Support Services

AIS helps you safeguard your critical QlikView business intelligence systems through our support services. We offer Application Support Services to maintain your QlikView data model, scripts and dashboards in production. Our services extend to QlikView applications built by AIS or internally by the customer.

Tell us your organization’s requirements and we can custom design a QlikView support package according to your needs.

Please contact us at inquiry@aintelligence.net to find out how we can help you.

Custom QlikView Training

QlikView is simple to use and easy to learn for beginners yet provides a rich array of functionalities and features for advanced users.

AIS conducts training courses that will empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to develop, deploy and adopt powerful QlikView applications for your organization.

Whether for a beginner or an advanced user, AIS offers customized training courses suited to the different level of skills. Practical exercises and case studies are incorporated into the coursework to give you hands-on experience in the classroom.

Talk to us about customizing a QlikView training course for your organization. We can tailor our course to address your particular needs and issues. Our trainers are seasoned industry experts with years of implementation experience. They bring real world experience into the classroom by providing relevant tips and practical help.

Courses can be held at our office or private training courses at your premise.

Please contact us at inquiry@aintelligence.net to find out how we can help you.

Off-shore Development

For organizations looking to reduce the development and support cost of their business intelligence solutions, AIS offers off-shore development capabilities. Our development team based in Malaysia is highly experienced in developing business intelligence solutions on the QlikView platform. We are able to work to your requirements to deliver a highly effective and cost efficient solution.

Please contact us at inquiry@aintelligence.net to find out how we can help you.