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    Turning Data Into
    Actionable Intelligence

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    Your Trusted Advisor

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Do you have timely facts for critical business decisions or do you rely on gut instinct because you can’t get hold of meaningful information that you can act on?

Companies collect and store huge amounts of data throughout their organization, but unstructured data comprised of disparate facts and statistics holds little value.

Using advanced analytic solutions, AIS enables organizations to tap into the value of their available data and transform it into meaningful intelligence that they can act on to achieve their business goals.

AIS combines Qlikview technology with our expertise in business analytics and visualizations to help clients boost their business intelligence. We develop business analytics solutions that allow businesses to consolidate access to, interact with and report on crucial business information to gain actionable insights into their data.

We offer a complete business analysis suite of QlikView applications and services including dashboard development, implementation, training and support.

For over 25 years, the key resources of AIS have worked with over 50 enterprise-wide companies in Asia Pacific to navigate and harness their data into actionable intelligence to realize measurable results; improved information quality, faster time to decisions, and greater strategic insights.

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